Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Did you grow up with Beverly Cleary books like I did? I was so sad to see her pass away last month, though 104 years old is impressive! If she was still alive, she would be 105 today! To celebrate, we took a trip to the used book shop and I grabbed some of her classics! Sadly, no Ramona and Beezus books were available, so I’ll have to keep my eye out and grab them for my kids. At four and six years old, they aren’t ready to read these, but I would like to have them on hand.

As I was checking out, I saw another book which caught my eye. It’s about Jack the Ripper, and while I believe Jack was an American as this book suggests, I think a different doctor was Jack. I grabbed the book (it was coming in and wasn’t even in their system yet) so I can see what they have to say.

The kids picked books of their own, but they were already in the back seat “reading” when I took this picture. What are you reading right now? Have you ever read Beverly Cleary? How about anything on Jack the Ripper?

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