We tried

I had a blog for several years. It was updated regularly, and I was rather excited to share my writing life. Then I stopped. Life got crazy and the blog was pretty far down on my list of priorities.

Then there was a pandemic. I lost my bakery, closed my yoga studio, and binge watched a guy in Oklahoma with tigers and a plot to murder his enemy. I still can never describe the actual shock I experienced when I realized Tiger King was real…..like people actually lived this life and this was really happening. Soon we had murder bees, an election where there may or may not have been cheating, Kobe died, Meg-zit happened, I suddenly had to homeschool five children (don’t worry, only two are mine) and Zoom became a normal method of communication. America suffered loss, misunderstanding, rioting, and a revolution. We fought over toilet paper, and the price of plywood went through the roof!

2020 was wild, and I won’t rehash ALL the details because you lived it too.

Apparently not everyone yelled “Jumanji” at midnight on New Year’s Eve, because 2021 has continued to be wild! An attack on the Capitol, the continued fight over masks, mass confusion on COVID, and the death of His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, made headline news, in conjunction with several other tragedies.

There were several tragedies involving guns and unexplained shootings. Suddenly everyone on the internet who didn’t already voice their opinion on the COVID vaccine and possible vaccine passports, suddenly switched from doctors to being weapons experts. I won’t even get into the mass chaos at the Mexican-American boarder, because it hurts my brain.

The positive news is I finally am getting back to a new “normal” and will be continuing my blog. The bad news? I lost EVERYTHING I had on the old blog, though I was able to save the web address and point it to this page. This means, if you’re here, and confused as to WHY you are here, it’s because you used to subscribe to Based On My True Story (the blog) and now we are here so I can keep my writing all in one place.

I will write about this crazy life of mine, with two kids, my combat injured USMC husband, several dogs, and total chaos. I will post information on upcoming books, as well as the reveled Writing Jobs section for my fellow writers. I hope you will subscribe to this new blog, and follow this crazy journey!